Our Process

Step 1: Briefing
Our first step is to visit you at your home and chat about what you would like to achieve.  A Zones Landscaping Specialist can visit you at anytime that suits whether inside or outside of working hours.  It is usually best for all heads of the house to be present at the briefing so that all views and ideas can be taken into account for the next stage, concept plans.  At the briefing we will explain the Zones process however our main focus is to gain a strong understanding of what’s important to you and what you would like to achieve within your financial budget.

Step 2: Concept
The concept plans are the first opportunity to see a visual representation of how your outdoor landscape will look.  It will be designed with your overall budget in mind, however will prompt discussion so that the implications of changes to products, systems and the design can be easily understood.

Step 3: Working Drawings
The working drawings are produced in order to provide accurate information so that, in turn, an accurate fixed price quote can be produced.  Working drawings are generally scaled two dimensional drawings with product specification details, dimensions and elevations clearly marked.     There may also be a requirement for engineered details in order to meet building code requirements, such as for certain building structures which may include decks or retaining walls.  Zones Landscaping Specialists will manage this entire process to ensure 100% compliance with all regulations, building codes and legislation.

Step 4: Fixed price quote and building contract
A fixed price quote will be presented by Zones Landscaping Specialists that takes into account the design and budget that has been discussed and agreed to during the earlier stages.  At this point a building contract will also be presented which, when signed by both parties, formally engages Zones Landscaping Specialists to undertake the project for you. As well as the concept plan and working drawings, the fixed price quote will also include detailed written information on the scope of the project.  

Step 5: Build
Zones Landscaping Specialists has a clearly defined project management system that starts up as soon as the building contract is signed.  Supported by an industry leading project management IT system, a Zones project manager will work for you with some key objectives in mind:
-    hassle free
-    fantastic communication 
-    a safe work environment
-    on time completion
-    polite, courteous and professional.

Step 6: Maintain
Once your project is installed, Zones Landscaping Specialists can maintain it for you.    As with the size and scope of any outdoor landscape, the maintenance program can also vary in frequency and tasks.     Having a regular maintenance plan in place is an important consideration which not only keeps your investment looking good but also enables the savings that can be made in spending a small amount regularly, rather than the pain of a  significant clean up cost after a long period of neglect.
At the end of the Build phase, Zones will provide you with a maintenance proposal to help you understand what is needed to keep your outdoor living area in great condition.