The most important aspect of cost control is the overall project management process

Supply partnerships: The advantage for Zones Landscaping Specialist’s clients is that we are able to source quality materials at competitive prices and pass the savings on to you. We are also kept up to date with all the latest products and innovations, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best and most up to date advice available. This is achieved by having a very strong relationship with our supply partners, which we leverage to your advantage. 

Labour: Zones Landscaping Specialists select and work with a large team of highly experienced landscapers and tradespeople that are passionate about what they do.  We are able to secure labour at rates far better than a home owner with a one off project, as well as the ability to ensure quality workmanship. With a large pool of capable resources to draw upon, we can ensure there are no unreasonable hold-ups on your project. Your Zones Project Manager will ensure that all the work is done to the required standard so there are no disputes at the end. 

Efficiency:  Our highly effective project management systems ensure that your landscaping project is managed in the most efficient way possible, and this sets us apart from other landscaping service providers. Our systems ensure that projects are run efficiently, cost effectively and with risks minimised. Being efficient is by far the most important factor in containing costs and avoiding unforeseen cost blow outs.