A tropical oasis that has a resort feel to enhance their beautiful home.

The client wanted a complete makeover of the garden which was rather dated. The brief was to design a tropical oasis that has a resort feel and to enhance their beautiful home.

Kate Ryan from Zones cleared most plants and some big trees. The top of the drive garden was completely cleared out and a new stunning entrance created. The property has different levels leading to the house through gates and an existing atrium type roofed pergola area and across a boardwalk to the front door.

New planting leads you into a partially screened entrance to open on the lush planting and colour through the plant selected.

An updated front yard entranceway

We designed a corten steel double gate with black handles and screen to replace a wooden trellis. The corten steel design reflected the pattern of the garage door. Also, we designed a corten steel  "66" house number plate that is backlight attached to the garage by the new doors. The new entrance is a unique striking design that the clients absolutely love. The lights behind the numbers and the garden lights welcome guests in an impressive way.

Modern Gardens

Planting and retaining

The lower level had retaining to hide from the sitting room and we planted beautiful palms to hide this and look onto a wall of delicate green fronds from the house. The corten steel had challenges around the heaviness for opening/closing and getting the handles to meet exactly to be secure. This took very precise making and installation to work. We painted all wooden retaining and old trellis around the house Black to make it reside and look smart with the planting in front.

Private gardens

The plants chosen brought in colour and lushness in a modern way. We choose a variegated shell ginger to brighten darker areas and plants with rust-red to contrast with the green.

Lush Green Lawns

We choose fast-growing bungalow palms to screen neighbours. We used natural mulch to suppress weeds and hide leaf drop.

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