These Millwater homeowners contacted Zones to update their outdoor space and garden. 

WORDS Mina Phillips

Needing an improved outdoor space to create a garden, the owners of this lovely home in Millwater contacted Zones Landscaping. They were quickly put in touch with landscaping specialists Glen and Tracey Barker, who met with them to discuss their ideas.

With a set budget in mind, the homeowners opted for a keystone retaining wall and topsoil - for levelling and planting. 

“Tracey and Glen managed the project for their clients, ensuring it was carried out according to their specifications and budget."

“The main objective was to level and retain the lawn area”, tells Tracey. “Previously, the land just fell away and was quite steep.”

In under two weeks, the Zones North Shore team prepared the outdoor area, installing the retaining wall and readying the soil for planting - which the homeowners wanted to carry out themselves. The final result provides the perfect base for a stunning garden.

“I thought the keystone wall looked fantastic”, concludes Tracey. “It certainly transformed the outdoor area.”

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