Incessant Asiatic Jasmine combined with reports of snake sightings meant that the homeowners were reluctant to carry out the work themselves.

WORDS Mina Phillips

Deciding it was time to make some improvements to the overgrown space on the right side of their house, these Pensacola homeowners asked local landscaping specialist Kyle English to support them with a landscape design and installation. Incessant Asiatic Jasmine combined with reports of snake sightings meant that the homeowners were reluctant to carry out the work themselves. Zones’ one point of contact and end-to-end project management meant that they could sit back and relax while their backyard transformation took place.

The homeowners’ main requests included connecting the driveway to their sheltered backyard swimming pool, staining the concrete in the pool area and adding a new and interesting planting scheme to their garden.  

“They also wanted to have a nice view from the dining area inside the screened-in enclosure”, explains Kyle. “What they saw previously was overgrown weeds that were impossible to keep in check, as well as cracked and grime-ingrained concrete that would never stay clean after a pressure wash.”

Developing a bespoke landscape design

Kyle worked with his team to create a design that was to his clients’ liking, which the group then diligently carried out. 


“The first phase was to tackle the concrete”, tells Kyle. “Fully cleaned and left twenty-four hours to dry, the concrete was stained a beautiful sandstone color with a Spanish lace texture to add some interest. The pool coping was also repainted in a glimmering white. Imperfections were fixed beforehand, such as existing cracks in the concrete, cracked pool coping, and cracked slab dividers. Now the concrete will be much easier to clean.”


“Then came the real chore of clearing out all the existing weeds and the deep-rooted Asiatic Jasmine - a process that took more than a day on its own. Once this had been cleared and the commercial landscaping fabric had been laid, the planting could begin in the area along the back fence that turns into an L following the outline of the pool enclosure. Here, the Azalea bushes reign supreme; both amethyst and bonfire varieties to accompany the straight line of Taylor's Perfection Camellia.”

“Following through the pool out to the yard is where more attention was paid to the existing Elephant Ear Palms. Edging the planter area with steel edging and monkey grass was an excellent way to keep it simple, but add to the existing look. The addition of the pine straw among all the new planting areas helps with weed prevention and makes the area look cleanly finished.”

As with any project, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Kyle’s team discovered old stepping stones within the earth which needed to be removed. Additionally, the plants they had originally planned to use weren’t available, so the team needed to find appropriate replacements. With careful consideration, they were able to work the removal work and planting changes into the existing timeline and finished the job within the originally predicted four days.

The final result

“My favourite feature is the paver walkway”, says Kyle. “It brought the space together, as it enabled ease of access from the driveway all the way to the pool. Once the gate opens, the eye goes towards the Dynamite Crape Myrtle - a flowering tree that will get more beautiful as the seasons add up.”

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