Tauranga Landscaping Specialist Nigel Ramsden helped these homeowners update their property into a personalised native garden retreat.

Before and After

While it had character and homeliness, this property was in need of an update. Its wrap-around cobbled pathway was tired and uneven, and the lawn was struggling to thrive due to and poor quality soil and a lack of sun. As a result, the homeowners decided to see how Zones Landscaping Specialist Nigel Ramsden could help. 

Landscape design

“We consulted with the clients and presented a design which included a new path and planting in place of the lawn”, tells Nigel. “The design was key to the project and giving the client some 3D visuals allowed them to see what they were getting.”  

Hardscaping and softscaping

The homeowners approved the design and its attached quote, asking Nigel to schedule his team in to make the changes. Within a two-week period, Nigel’s team created a lush new garden with beautiful tree ferns and reused bamboo. A new walkway was built, using decking and concrete supplied by Mitre 10. 

“A structure for climbers was built at the front of the house to break up the two-story building and add interest”, adds Nigel. “Further planting of tree ferns at the side of the drive linked the two areas. We also installed irrigation and mulch.”

New pathway, garden and irrigation

The new design resulted in quite a transformation. A tidy, stable pathway now leads through what feels like a personalised native garden retreat. The plant selections combined with mulch and irrigation have made the space very easy for the homeowners to maintain, moving forward.

“Building large concrete steps down to concrete triangles worked well”, concludes Nigel. “The pathway was great - blending the two materials for one path with steps looked great!”

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